Field Hockey (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Andover (10/30/21 1:30 PM)

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A difficult loss to an athletic, aggressive team. In some ways, it really did feel like we’d been out-hustled and out-played – though, in moments, too, it felt like “Any team on any day…” – and that we did indeed have a legitimate shot at besting them. Andover scored first, but within minutes in that first half we’d tied up the game: forward Elizabeth Kelly ‘25 took a great shot from the stroke, with an assist from outside the right post. Beautiful goal. Andover scored their second and third goals in the second half – and we never quite managed either to stay within reach, or to fully transition effectively, consistently, from defense back to offense. (The steady rain, sometimes light, sometimes harder, didn’t help our cause.) We earned a couple of corners late in the game, but in those clutch moments we just weren’t able to convert. All that said, real highlights of the game, in general, affirm our ability to translate what we’ve been working hard on: Go right (Take advantage of our opponents’ weak side!); stay wide (Make space for passing! Run onto the ball from the outside, rather than get caught in the middle and have to chase the ball out!); and take the shot (Quick on the ball EVERYWHERE, including in our offensive circle!). Lots of good learning enacted, lots of good game-lessons learned. Spirits intact, positivity still burning. We keep on!