Basketball, Boys: Thirds loses to Avon

Event Details

The Deerfield boys traveled down to Connecticut to face Avon Old Farms school, a team that had eked a 1 point victory over Deerfield earlier in the season. Without two of their leading scorers, Tyler Simon (’22) and George Fauver (’22), Deerfield opened up slowly, trailing 9-0 early on. However, first-year Osegie Osayimwen stepped up in a big way, responding with 10 points of his own in the half on a series of pick and rolls and floaters. Raheme Taylor (’20) and Jack Chorske (’22) also contributed down low, combining for 5 offensive rebounds in the half,in which Deerfield trailed 22-32. In the second half, Avon’s guards opened up with a few dagger threes, and Deerfield quickly fell behind by 18 points. Though they made a valiant effort to come back, they ultimately fell short, losing 52-30 to Avon Old Farms.