Squash, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Taft

Event Details

The girls’ JV team got back into the swing of our season with a tight 4-3 victory over Taft on Saturday afternoon. Evens were up first. Juniors Grace Russell and Camille Glatt both had tough losses (1-3, 0-3) against talented opponents, though both players could be proud of giving it their all and refusing to concede until the matches were truly over. Emma Johnson ’21, playing at her highest in the ladder yet up at #6, proved herself admirable and worthy of the spot in a clean 3-0 victory as she made short work of her match. Odds took the court as Deerfield was down 1-2 overall for the day. Janis Chen ’20 tied things up at #5, but senior Christina Li up at #1 had a tough loss, putting Taft within one point of the victory and Deerfield in need of two more wins. Esme Benjamin ’20 at #3 and Caroline Hoff ’22 at #7 luckily delivered and sealed Deerfield’s dominance for the day! In exhibition, senior Helen Mak and sophomores Hunter Pulliam and Zeyna Ilahi, at 8, 9, and 10, all nabbed 3-0 victories to show the squad’s depth. The group looks forward to two contests with Westminster in the coming weeks!