Volleyball: Varsity loses to Sacred Heart

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On Saturday, Deerfield took the long road trip to Greenwich, CT to face Sacred Heart and Pomfret, emerging with one loss and one win.

In the first match, Deerfield was entirely too passive with miscommunications leading to balls hitting our side of the court and missed chances to convert on point-scoring opportunities. Sacred Heart played well and took advantage of our errors to defeat Deerfield 2-0 (25-16, 25-13).

Being able to play another match on the same day is a great learning opportunity and a chance to make adjustments and bring new energy to the way a team is playing. Today, Deerfield took full advantage of that opportunity. The second match was full of energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and hustle. Deerfield’s blockers stepped up against strong hitters from Pomfret. Deerfield was able to put a number of pieces together: impressive blocking from Keri Clougherty ‘21, Aoife Bruce ‘22, and Evan Burkert ‘21; great hitting from Camila Navarro ‘20 and Georgia Sackrey ‘23; strong passing from Nat Jimenez ‘20; great passing and serving from Emily Pajak ‘21; and intelligent setting from Rosa Sun ‘21. The 2-0 result (25-11, 27-25) was a well-deserved team win.

On Wednesday, Deerfield travels to Loomis to take on the defending Class A New England champions.


Sacred Heart vs. Deerfield @ 1:00 pm

Deerfield vs. Pomfret @ 2:30 pm

Sacred Heart vs. Pomfret @ 4:00 pm