Soccer, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Pomfret School

Event Details

The Doors came out fired up to play against Pomfret. Despite the short bench due to injury and illness, Deerfield immediately took control of the game, denying any Pomfret chances on net. With the smaller field, Deerfield was able to move the ball well in the midfield, making give and go passes around the defenders. Despite this, Deerfield only scored two goals in the first half, even though we had a 13 shots. The Pomfret goalie came up big, and Deerfield did not do a great job shooting efficiently. Of note was Sara Ito-Bagshaw’s ‘22 strong defense, jamming the ball back and pressuring the Pomfret players into coughing up the ball. Kat Hioe ‘20 scored her first goal of the season, and Emma Tennant ‘21 knocked home her signature long ball in from a pass from Maddy Sofer ‘21.

In the second half, Deerfield knew they wanted to work on intentional shots on goal, and effective runs to net, keeping up the pressure. With this in mind, we let loose a flurry of goals. Eve Andon ‘23 scored two in a row, with Kiki Brainard ‘22 assisting one. Next Annabelle Brennan ‘23 scored her first goal of the season off a cross from Caroline Hoff ‘22, before Annabelle assisted the next goal for Whitney Vogt ‘20, her first of the season. Finally, Mary Lee capped the scoring at 7 goals in the final minutes of the games. With a resounding win, and everyone contributing, it was a great day to be a Door. Special thanks to the Tennant’s for the bagels and the Hioe’s for the cookies!

DA 7-0 Pomfret