Cross Country, Girls: Junior Varsity vs. Brush Invitational

Event Details

A wet, gray day greeted the competitors at this year’s edition of the Peter Brush Invitational, a preseason cross country event designed to promote the participation, sportsmanship, and camaraderie that Peter Brush advanced in his four decades as Deerfield’s cross country coach.  Rather than divide by varsity and junior varsity at this early stage of the season, athletes race according to their age: 11th and 12th graders compete at the 5K distance and younger runners cover a 2-mile course.  The racing this year was spirited and fun, and everyone present enjoyed an apple and a hamburger afterwards.  On the whole, a great start to the season!

On the girls’ side, new 12th grader Maddie Priebe led the way for Deerfield with a convincing win at the 5K distance.  Noelle Abeyta ’21 finished less than a minute later in 3rd place, followed by classmate Ali Thomas in 5th.  Jane Mallach ’21 and tri-captain Erin Howe rounded out the 11th & 12th grade runners from Deerfield, finishing 6th and 11th, respectively.  In the 9th and 10th grade race, Jean Jin broke the tape first for Deerfield, finishing 4th overall.  Aerin Lo was close behind in 6th, followed by newcomer Fiona Howes in 8th and sophomore Aurelia Bolton in 10th.

Deerfield’s varsity sevens will travel to the Canterbury School in New Milford, Conn., next weekend for the Canterbury Invitational.  Always a competitive meet, the invitational will feature dozens of schools from around the Northeast.


Girls 9th/10th Race (2 miles)

Jean Jin                        4th                    15:40

Aerin Lo                      6th                    16:25

Fiona Howes               8th                    16:28

Aurelia Bolton             10th                  17:14

Girls 11th/12th Race (5K)

Maddie Priebe              1st                    19:26

Noelle Abeyta              3rd                    20:23

Ali Thomas                  5th                    21:50

Jane Mallach                6th                    22:20

Erin Howe                   11th                  23:21