Ultimate, Coed: Varsity vs. Amherst Invitational

Event Details

Saturday and Sunday, May 11 and 12, 2019

vs. Amherst JVB:             Win: 11-6

vs. PVPA:                          Win: 11-2

vs. Frontier                       Loss: 9-11

vs. NMH                         ​ Loss: 6-12

vs. Monument Mt.        Win: 14-10

There’s an old New England saying that, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.  It seems that this spring, we have waited not a minute but more than a month for sunny weather.  We finally got the perfect play day on Saturday, May 11.  The day was sunny but not hot, with a light breeze and occasional puffs of wind that added excitement to a wind-sensitive sport.  We started the day with plenty of Laur Power, with Maya Laur making a great catch in the backfield and Sam Laur playing awesome D in the end zone.  Raheme Taylor and Gerald Xu had exceptional defensive moments in game #2 against PVPA.  We also had a good debate on the sideline about myth of the “5 second rule.”  On the whole, Saturday was a beautiful, tiring day with a tough but close game late in the late afternoon.

We woke up Sunday morning to the sound of pouring rain, and we knew we were in for a tough second day of tournament play.  We played on a field whose grass seemed to dissolve under our cleats and whose muddy patches grew to become veritable slip-and-slides.  Our dedicated players soldiered on through two more games, even when their fingers were wet and cold and it was difficult to catch the mud-slicked disk.

The players were rightly proud of their ability to communicate well and practice a new defense with great success. Alex Y. played a strong defense, Gerry had excellent Ds and boxouts, Adam was chillier than usual, Gerald was good at throwing pulls, Ian was an “A” sideline caller, Shane threw himself into the games with renewed energy after Sam sustained an injury, Maya was great at breaking the mark, Juliette had some fantastic goals, Mason gave his all and played hard on his birthday, Alex B.’s throws and catches were spot-on, and Tyler made multiple successful bids some of us thought were impossible.  Cheers to a dedicated, unified team and the fans that came out to support us in both sunny and rainy weather!