Tennis, Girls: Junior Varsity loses to Andover

Event Details

Andover’s Varsity B team blew Deerfield out in a 8-0 rout on Saturday. However, a few girls held their own and should be particularly proud of their match play, particularly Lily Zeng and Griffin Dewey. Lily stepped up to #1 singles, an unfamiliar spot for the ninth-grader, and faced off against Andover’s captain and sole senior for a ferocious match. Lily won the first game and then managed to win another off her opponent before her ultimate defeat! At #7 singles, Griffin Dewey, in another unfamiliar place on the ladder, brought her competitive fire and nearly tied it up midway through the match. Though Dewey ended up losing, her 5-8 score was the best of the day against an extremely talented set of opponents. The girls all played well and gave it their best effort and finished the season with a respectable record, one upon which they hope to build next year!