Tennis, Boys: Junior Varsity loses to Exeter

Event Details

The boys junior varsity tennis team (6-1), undefeated entering the day, hosted the equally undefeated Exeter Boys Varsity B team (8-0) on a beautiful, sunny Family Weekend in the Deerfield river valley.  Big Green was outmatched by the strong Exeter team and fell for the first time this season by a final of 1-6.

Deerfield lost all three doubles matches.  At #1, Noah and Oscar Depp lost 3-8, at #2, Connor Flannery and Francis Shea fell 2-8, and at #3, Alexander Grosse and George Darling lost 3-8.  In exhibition, Crawford Rice and Will Schoelkopf also dropped their set 2-8.

In the singles matches, Deerfield kept Big Red on their toes.  Even though some scores were lopsided, the games were close and each player felt they had a strong day.  At #6, Francis Shea lost 1-6, 2-6, and at #4 Will Schoelkopf lost 0-6, 1-6.  At #5, Alexander Grosse lost the first set 0-6, but had a second set comeback in the making, taking an early 4-3 lead in the set.  In the end, the Exeter player rallied and won 0-6, 4-6.

At #3, Connor Flannery battled a hard-fought match, taking early leads in both sets.  In the end, his opponent’s tenacious volley game proved the difference, and Connor lost 4-6, 5-7.  At #2, Oscar Depp had Big Green’s lone victory, and it wasn’t easy.  He easily swiped the first set 6-1, but then dropped the first 3 games of the second set.  Unable to fully recover from that hole, he lost the second set 3-6 and went to a decisive tie break.  He kicked it up a notch and won the tiebreaker 10-4.  At #1, Noah Depp played the longest match of the day with an equally matched opponent.  The first set was a long duel.  Tied at 6-6, they went into a tiebreak that Noah won 7-5.  At this point, almost all of the other singles matches were complete, and these two opponents were just starting their second set.  Again, the second set was a duel, this one going to the Exeter opponent 4-6.  Another super-breaker ensued.  As the final ball dropped, the Exeter opponent won the tiebreak 4-10.

Despite the loss, all players should be proud of their efforts.  This was a very tough opponent and everyone played to their best.  Only two matches remain this season, Wednesday at Eaglebrook and Thursday at home against Bement.


1 – Noah Depp/Oscar Depp: 3-8
2 – Connor Flannery/Francis Shea: 2-8
3 – Alexander Grosse/George Darling: 3-8
4 – (ex.) Crawford Rice/Will Schoelkopf: 2-8

1 – Noah Depp: 7-6 (7-5), 4-6, TB: 6-10
2 – Oscar Depp: 6-1, 3-6, TB: 10-4
3 – Connor Flannery: 4-6, 5-7
4 – Will Schoelkopf: 0-6, 1-6
5 – Alexander Grosse: 0-6, 4-6
6 – Francis Shea: 1-6, 2-6