Tennis, Boys: Junior Varsity defeats Eaglebrook

Event Details

The JV Boys Junior Varsity tennis team (7-1) faced Eaglebrook (6-2) in a rematch on Wednesday, May 14th. This time, Big Green traveled up the neighboring hill to play a 9-point match, and they replicated their earlier success.  Most sets were won or lost by a large margin, but Deerfield won the day 6-3.

In doubles action, #1 pair Oscar and Noah Depp prevailed 8-3, after falling behind 2-3 early.  At #2, Freddy Manning and Francis Shea were defeated 1-8 by a strong Eaglebrook pair.  At #3, Alexander Grosse and George Darling battled back and forth, falling behind early, but then coming back to tie the set at 7-7.  In the tiebreak they prevailed 7-4, winning the closest set of the day.

In singles matches, at #2 Freddy Manning dropped a tough set to his opponent 4-8, while Will Schoelkopf also lost at #6.  Malcolm Rich and PJ Embree each played exhibition singles matches, both losing 0-8.  Noah and Oscar Depp, at #1 and #3, respectively, continued their winning ways with 8-2 and 8-1 victories.  At #4 and #5, Yongjin Park and Connor Flannery also won, 8-4 and 8-1.

Big Green wraps up their season at home on Thursday, May 15th, with a final match against their even closer neighbors, Bement.  Great season, boys!  Let’s play one more strong match!


1 – Noah Depp/Oscar Depp: 8-3
2 – Freddy Manning/Francis Shea: 1-8
3 – Alexander Grosse/George Darling: 8-7 (TB: 7-4)

1 – Noah Depp: 8-2
2 – Freddy Manning: 4-8
3 – Oscar Depp: 8-1
4 – Yongjin Park: 8-4
5 – Connor Flannery: 8-1
6 – Will Schoelkopf: 3-8
7 – (ex.) Malcolm Rich: 0-8
8 – (ex.) PJ Embree: 0-8