Tennis, Boys: Junior Varsity defeats Bement

Event Details

The JV boys tennis team (8-1) finished their season by hosting their neighbors on Old Main Street, the Bement School.  With a young team this year, Bement did not match up well against the older, more experienced members of the Big Green.  Deerfield won the match 7-0, and each 8-game pro-set ended with a score of 8-0 or 8-1.

The Big Green’s JV boys had a successful season, cruising to 8 wins and 1 loss.  Exeter was the toughest match by far, resulting in the lone loss, while Taft provided a day of evenly matched competition, where Deerfield won by the narrow margin of 4-3.  Sadly, weather cancellations prevented the team from facing strong competitors such as Choate and Andover, which may have provided benchmark tests.

Great season, Big Green!


1 – Noah Depp/Oscar Depp: 8-1
2 – Alexander Grosse/George Darling: 8-0
3 – Connor Flannery/ Francis Shea: 8-0
4 – (ex.) Malcolm Rich/PJ Embree: 8-1

1 – Noah Depp: 8-0
2 – Freddy Manning: 8-0
3 – Oscar Depp: 8-0
4 – Yongjin Park: 8-0
5 – Connor Flannery: 8-0
6 – Will Schoelkopf: 8-0