Ultimate, Coed: Varsity defeats Amherst

Event Details

DA vs. Amherst Varsity – Win: 10-9

DA vs. Amherst JV – Win: 12-8

The fields were soggy but the weather was great for our two simultaneous games against Amherst teams.  We had learned ahead of time that the Amherst teams were of roughly equal strength and skill, so we created two teams of 9 players each to compete with their two complete teams.  Our choice to play with only two subs on each team meant that every D.A. player got a ton of playing time.  Spirits were high and play was both fast and focused.  In one of the games, Maddie Lee got a ton of turnovers.  Abdiel Torres played some great layout defense, and he also jumped higher than we knew he could jump.  Gerald Xu had some great catches, and he played a strong midfield, anticipating movement upfield on the defense.  He even skied some of the taller Amherst players!  Gerry Alexandre had a lot of defensive plays downfield, constantly halting the Amherst offense.  Maddie Lee, Maddy Beaubien and Maya Laur worked together to execute an intimidating cup, and master of both offense and defense, Tyler Kelly, shut down potential deep throws from the opponents.

In the other game, Kevin Gu played confidently as a handler, moving the disk around and creating holes in the defense.  Adam Sussbauer did a lot of running, sprinting during turnovers and giving us a few great points when he was open in the end zone.  The game was pretty exciting.  We were down 3-1 but came back to tie 3-3.  We were down again 7-5, but then had a streak of points and won on a universe point at the time cap.

In the two games, players shared the glory of scoring.  Our 10 scorers were Sam Laur, Adam Sussbauer, Juliette Lowe, Louis Rodriguez, Kevin Gu, Ian Gordon, Shane McCarthy, Gerald Xu, Mason Zhao and Tyler Kelly.  A good day was had by all.​