Lacrosse, Girls: Varsity defeats Westminster

Event Details

The Deerfield and Westminster girls lacrosse programs took part in the first annual LBC bowl this afternoon. The passing of Lindsay Bugbee Crosby in July of 2018 devastated both communities, and today’s contest served as an opportunity to honor her love of competition.  Westminster did a beautiful job orchestrating the day, and both teams gathered in the center of the field to unite in their shared respect, appreciation, and recognition of Lindsay’s impact to young woman within so many different communities.  In addition to Westminster and Deerfield, Lindsay also coached student-athletes at Amherst College and the Bement School.  The teams were joined by Lindsay’s husband, Evan, and their three children: Finlay, Sigrid, and Nolan.

In today’s LBC bowl game, Deerfield jumped to a strong lead. The Big Green executed well throughout the entirety of the first half and entered halftime up by a score of 12-1. The Westminster team should be proud of their efforts as they fought with a great deal of heart and ultimately won the 2nd half.  The final score was Deerfield 14, Westminster 5.

After the game, Evan Crosby approached our team to deliver the LBC bowl.  He did so graciously and with typical Evan Crosby humor. When it was time to hand over the physical trophy, Evan announced, “Now, where’s Mae?”  Lindsay Crosby was Mae’s first lacrosse coach and taught her the sport she’s come to love. Understanding this connection, it was a proud moment for all 22 of our players.

Our captains awarded the Play Tough Player of the Game award to Julia Placek.  Today was Julia’s first game back after recovering from an injury, and she added great spark and hustle to our offense.