Lacrosse, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Williston

Event Details

The Big Green faced Williston Northampton on the road on Wednesday. Williston was quick to win the draw and netted an early goal in the first few minutes​. This lit a fire under the Deerfield team; Olivia Geraci ’19, Emily Henderson ’19, and Brianna Felice ’21 became essential draw winners on the circle, which allowed DA to get some coordinated attack under way. The Big Green did a great job running plays and finding cuts, pulling ahead of Williston by several goals. Doubling in transition helped slow their attack and both Maria Viera ’22 and Lourdes Klem ’22 made saves in goal to maintain our lead until the final whistle. Shoutouts to Caleigh Manguilli ’20 for her tenacious defense and to Bella Geraci ’19 for netting several of Deerfield’s goals! DA continues their series on the road on Saturday at Westminster.