Squash, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Andover

Event Details

The girls’ JV squad matched their record of 11 wins and 0 losses from last season with a clean 5-2 win over Andover on Saturday. At #1 and #2, Daly Baker and Talbot von Stade secured their usual 3-0 wins despite talented opponents. Isabella Geraci and Olivia Geraci at #3 and #4 both fought their absolute hardest against incredibly determined opponents and went to five games, both of which ended in 11-5 scores — Isabella was unlucky, but Olivia secured a third Deerfield point. Cameron Heard’s opponent drew close in the #5 match but could never quite catch her, and Heard walked away with a 3-0 win. Janis Chen, at #6, had one of her few losses for the season in a tough three-game set, but can be proud of sticking it out and trying her hardest for every point. Helen Mak, at #7, delighted in once again going to five games: she won 14-12 in the first, dropped the second and third 7-11, 9-11, and came back to win the fourth 11-9. Mak stayed strong and stuck to a plan for the fifth game and came away with an 11-6 victory for Deerfield’s fifth and final point of the day. Emma Johnson, in exhibition at #8, went to heretofore-unprecedented lengths in her five-game set: though she lost 8-11 in the first, she came back with a pair of wins 11-8, 11-9, then absolutely battled through a loss in the fourth game 11-13 and a hard-fought, extremely well-earned 12-10 win in the fifth. The team was delighted overall at defeating a strong Andover team, and confidently enter the final three-game stretch of the season, which will feature a rematch with Loomis as well as fresh contests with Exeter and a Choate rivalry grudge match to round out the schedule.