Hockey, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Loomis

Event Details

On Saturday the JV Girls headed down to Loomis for our final contest of the season. The “Wolfpack” went out with a bang, outscoring the Pelicans 12-2. Loomis was missing their goalie, and so the Big Green goalies defended both teams, splitting time at each end of the ice. This caused a little bit of confusion as Deerfield felt compelled to cheer when our own Gabriella Hu ’21 made some incredible saves against us in the first half of the game. In their last game Seniors Bailey Cheetham, Maggie Roche, Juliet Perry, and Meredith Heaney all made appearances on the scoreboard with Juliet and Meredith each logging two goals apiece. The line of Kami Meier ’22, Maddy Boger ’21 and Alyssa Zhang ’21 racked up four goals, and Regan Hoar ’20 had a very nice shot on net to solidify Deerfield’s lead. The team played with heart, had a lot of fun, and were very respectful of all involved in the game as they have been throughout the entire season. With a record of 10-3-2 and the Women of Winter step into the off season ready to train for 2019-2020, and take home the W in those 5 extra games. Thank you to all who supported us this season, it’s been a great ride.