Basketball, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Choate

Event Details

DA prevailed against rival Choate for a big win at the last game of the season bringing us to a 12-1 record overall. DA traveled with boys Varsity for an evening game at Choate on Friday night. Choate welcomed all four basketball teams on Friday afternoon and put out a nice spread for dinner in the adjoining gym space. Our four seniors, Kate Alonso (’19),  Alexia Baker (’19), Nicole DaCosta (’19), and Jada Howard (’19), started the game along with Whitney Vogt (’20) in the center. Alexia dropped in the first basket off of our newest team offensive play, then Choate answered quickly, but we rallied and rapidly dropped in several more baskets. Kate A. stole the ball and sent it down to give Alexia an assist for a second basket, then Alexia dropped in a 3-pointer, another basket, and 1-point off a foul shot, singlehandedly bringing the score to 10-2 at halfway through the first period. Samara Cummings (’20) scored once and Vera Menafee (’20) scored twice to answer a short run by Choate to bring us to 16-9 with 5 minutes left in the first period. Alexia came back in hot at the end of the first half to drop in two more 3-pointers. Vera scored the last basket before the half to bring us up to 24-17. DA continued with strong team play and a tougher defense during the second half and kept Choate working harder to score from the outside. Samara scored the first basket for us off a rebound. Ruby Chase (’21) made an exciting coast-to-coast breakaway to a layup. Vera also made a breakaway basket to bring us to 33-18 five minutes into the half. The second half of the period saw Juliette Lowe (’21) make a shot, then Molly Fischer (’20) put in a 3-pointer, followed by Michelle Zimmerman (’21) dropping one in from the paint to bring us to 40-23 with 6 minutes to go. Kate Hickey (’20) put in both of her foul shots, Alexia put in one foul shot, and Samara and Nicole made baskets to bring us to a final score of 47-25. What a way to end the season!