Squash, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Loomis

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The girls’ JV team faced off with Loomis on Saturday afternoon and cranked out another convincing 7-0 victory for its third win of the season. Grace Russell ’21, playing at #1 for the first time, won in 3, as did seniors Christina Li and Esme Benjamin at #2 and #3 and junior Camille Glatt at #4. At #5, Janis Chen ’20 won in 4. The 3-0 wins continued down the line for Isha Rao ’22 at #6 and Emma Johnson ’21 at #7, all the way through exhibition, as junior Lilly Berry, sophomore Caroline Hoff, senior Helen Mak, and sophomore Hunter Pulliam all neatly put away wins to help demonstrate the depth of the team. The squad was happy to put away its third victory of the season and start off the first chunk of winter term on a winning note, and will hope to stay sharp over the break before January’s schedule.