Volleyball: Varsity defeats Taft

Event Details

Taking its final regular-season road trip, Deerfield traveled to Waterbury, CT to face the Rhinos from Taft School on Saturday, emerging with a 3-0 victory.

Deerfield initially struggled to get fully warmed up and prepared for the match; both teams were unable to put together many service points and the score remained within a few points either way. Taft’s strong attacks and well-placed tips kept hitting the Deerfield side of the court and near the end of the set, Deerfield found itself down 21-23. But with strong serving from Evan Burkert ‘21 and good setting from Rosa Sun ‘21, Deerfield was able to score 4 points in a row to take the first set, 25-23.

In the 2nd set, the teams again started off trading points before Burkert’s service run broke open the set to 15-6. Some unforced errors by Deerfield brought the score as tight as 18-16, but intelligent hits from Camilla Navarro ‘20 and Zoe Gavros ‘23 allowed Deerfield to win the set 25-20.

The 3rd set featured excellent blocks from Georgia Sackrey ‘23 and Lara Akande ‘20 along with good coverage and passing from Keri Clougherty ‘21. Daphne Gavros ‘22 had a big service run that took the score from 12-13 to 21-13 and Deerfield was able to finish off the match with a set score of 25-20.

Thank you to Taft for the good match!

Deerfield has three upcoming home matches in the final week of the regular season. We start by hosting NMH on Monday at 4:30.