Volleyball: Varsity defeats NMH

Event Details

Hosting NMH on Monday, Deerfield defeated the Hoggers 3-0 behind strong serving, excellent defense, and great crowd support.

Deerfield started strongly, going up 14-3 on numerous serving aces from Camila Navarro ‘20 and Georgia Sackrey ‘23. NMH fought hard and were able to extend some rallies with their passing, but the Deerfield attack, coupled with passing from Emily Pajak ‘21, was able to help us take the set, 25-14.

In the second set, Meghan Holland ‘23 stepped in as setter while Aoife Bruce ‘22 played middle hitter and the set started off similarly with Daphne Gavros ‘22 serving Deerfield from 4-3 up to 12-3. Strong attacks from Zoe Gavros ‘23 allowed Deerfield to take the set, 25-16.

NMH continued to push the entire match and the 3rd set started off with the teams staying close before setter Rosa Sun ‘21 stepped to the service line, serving Deerfield from 10-9 to 16-9. Lara Akande ‘20 and Evan Burkert ‘21 had numerous blocks and hits from the middle while Keri Clougherty ‘21 played strong defense and Michelle Zimmerman ‘21 saw action at outside hitter. Huge shout out to Daphne Gavros for her incredible defense that extended rallies and brought the crowd to its feet. Camila Navarro’s 6-point service run helped seal the victory as Deerfield finished the set 25-11.

Best of luck to NMH during this final week of the regular season!

Deerfield next hosts St. Paul’s on Wednesday at 4 pm.