Soccer, Girls: Reserve defeats Loomis

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Girls’ thirds soccer pulled out their second win against Loomis this season on Wednesday afternoon, this time defeating the Pelicans 5-0. The Big Green kicked off the first half with a gorgeous goal from Valentina Williamson. Soon after, Amelia Tyler sent a ball sailing into the net from midfield. Grace Honos, who normally plays up front, made a solid debut as keeper during the first half, letting nothing past her. Annalisa Fang took over for Honos in the second half and was equally impervious. Williamson scored two more goals in the second half, one of which she sent in off her knee from a stunning corner kick from Alex Gold. As the setting sun cast a blindingly gold glare over the field in the last few minutes of play, Gold scored the fifth and final goal to win Deerfield the gold. As the Big Green prepares for their game against Choate on Saturday, they plan to disprove Frost’s claim that “nothing gold can stay.”