Volleyball: Thirds loses to Loomis

Event Details

After back-to-back wins at home, Deerfield traveled to Windsor, Connecticut to face the Loomis Chaffee school. While Loomis went up early, relying on their sharp serves and athleticism at the net, Deerfield mounted a short comeback in the first game, buoyed by a resounding two handed block from Olivia Konar ‘22 and some well timed saves by Xotchil Paez ‘20. The next game, Deerfield continued to struggle against the sheer size of the Loomis team but fought valiantly. Mia Calcano’s ‘23 good play from last week was continued by her effort in the back court, zipping sideline to sideline to chase errant balls. Deerfield has this week to prepare before facing Loomis again this Saturday.