Volleyball: Thirds loses to Eagle Hill School

Event Details

G1: 25-15 EH, G2: 25-16 EH, G3: 26-24 EH

In their third game of the season, Deerfield thirds volleyball stayed home to battle Eagle Hill’s varsity volleyball team. This was the second home game for Deerfield, and newly acquired manager Beck Ayres (‘22) made his debut. In the first game, Eagle Hill gained a big lead in the beginning of the first set and went up by thirteen points. However, Deerfield did an excellent job to pull it back together, bringing the game to within 5 before eventually falling. Julia Shulman (‘22) had an excellent block to win a big point in the first set and close the gap to 7.  Deerfield followed up the block with a thundering off hand spike from Koko Akpan (‘23), set by Anne Duong (‘22). Moving into the second set, Deerfield continued their strong play following the first set. Energized by the captain of the game, Simi Lawal (‘23), Deerfield showed no quit. Confronted by an exceptional Eagle Hill server, who drilled three consecutive aces, Clara Chae (‘23) slid and dove to save a low arcing down serve, returning the ball successfully and ending the Eagle Hill streak. Buoyed by their size and strength advantage, Eagle Hill then won a few points, locked in, and couldn’t be stopped for the remainder of the set.

Between sets, Deerfield partook in a very energetic chant involving both players and coaches, showing no signs of defeat. The beginning of the third set was much stronger for Deerfield, who stormed out to a 12-9 lead. At one point, newcomer Sally Rolland (‘23) scored 6 consecutive points on her serve. Lily Lin (‘23) followed up Rolland with 3 ferocious overhand aces of her own. After exchanging blows, going neck and neck throughout the rest of the set, Eagle Hill tied it up 24-24. Eagle Hill proceeded to win the next 2 points, and win the final set in overtime, 26-24. The team is showing great signs of growth, and should be proud moving into their next match on Friday.