Soccer, Girls: Reserve defeats Cushing Academy

Event Details

It seems this team is unstoppable! Thirds girls soccer claimed another victory in their game against Cushing on Saturday. This was our first away game of the season, and the team was alive with school spirit, even going so far as to paint their faces green and white. Cushing scored early in the first half, but 9th-grader Valentina Williamson fired back quickly with a goal to tie it up. Soon after, 10th-grader Kami Meier scored an epic breakaway goal to put Deerfield into the lead. Towards the end of the first half, 9th-grader Amelia Tyler made a series of gorgeous shots from far back, one of which made it in the net to put Deerfield ahead 3-1. In the second half, 10th-grader Anne Ott scored a beautiful goal, and 9th-graders Marnie Todd and Alex Gold closed out the game with two more goals.