Soccer, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Williston

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It was a rainy trip over to Williston, and though at times it stopped, the wind and rain were definitely a factor in our game against the Wild Cats. The Williston team had a short bench, and Deerfield took advantage, using our numbers. In the first half, Williston packed it in tightly within the 18, blocking all our plays and shots through the middle. Despite this, Maddy Sofer ‘21 managed to knock one home from a pass from Eve Andon ‘23, to end the half 1-0.

In the second half, Deerfield set goals of using the sidelines, crossing the ball more frequently, and better ball movement. There was some great recoveries from Samara Cummings ‘20, and Kat Hioe ‘20 had awesome poise with the ball, finding herself frequently open for passes. The Doors had better chances in the second half, and despite excellent goaltending by Williston, were able to score two more goals late in the second half. Kiki Brainard ‘22 scored both for Deerfield, with the first assisted by Lindsay Carey ‘23 and the second off a pass from Eve Andon ‘23 in tight.

Deerfield looks forward to a big game against St. Paul’s on Saturday.