Soccer, Boys: Varsity loses to Berkshire School

Event Details

Deerfield varsity and junior-varsity boys traveled to Berkshire School in Suffield, MA on a wet and misty afternoon.  The varsity team faced the tall task of dealing with a Berkshire team that is reigning NEPSAC Class-A champions.  The home team jumped out to an early lead in the 3rd minute of play, when a loose ball in the DA box was poked home by a Berkshire striker.  Deerfield goalkeeper Ben Diffley had no chance of saving, and suddenly Berkshire was up 1-0.  The game was characterized by long spells of possession for Berkshire; but while they had the lion’s share of time on the ball, time and again the home team’s attack was neutralized, as the Deerfield midfielders – Sam Bronckers ‘20, Brendan Kish ’20, Nyle Kamil ’22, and captain Zach Davis ’20 – worked patiently and determinedly to deny penetration, and the backline of Kade Goldberg ’21, Billy Curtis ’21, Isaac Abbott ’22, and Jarod Harrington ’20 won battles in the air and on the ground alike and conceded no more than a handful of genuine scoring chances to the home team.  An unfortunate call midway through the second half gave the home team a penalty kick, and a well-taken shot to the right of diving ‘keeper Ben Diffley found the back of the net.  Deerfield pressed forward in the final quarter of the game, testing again and again the Berkshire backline.  Center-forwards Skye Bacon ’20 and Tynan Creagh ’22 combined on several occasions, and Zach Davis posed an ever-present threat as he rampaged down the right wing.  Deerfield came close to scoring but, as with last week’s game against Taft, was just not quite able to close the deal.

Deerfield looks forward to a Saturday-evening match under the lights at St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH.