Soccer, Boys: Junior B ties Westminster

Event Details

On October 5, Westminster School hosted DA Junior Boys B soccer in Simsbury, CT for a 2 o’clock kickoff.  The first half did not see any scoring, thanks to solid goaltending by Jack Chorske ’22.

After halftime, both offenses began to make gains.  In the 20th minute, Westminster scored, pressuring Deerfield.  George Darling ’22 rose to the challenge, scoring against Westy in the 22nd minute of the second quarter.  The 25th minute saw another goal against Deerfield, but as the game neared its end, Tripp Didden ’22 evened the score with a goal in the 31st minute.  The game ended with a 2-2 tie; Deerfield Junior Boys B soccer remains undefeated this season.