Soccer, Boys: Junior B defeats Eaglebrook

Event Details

On October 19th, Eaglebrook hosted Deerfield Academy Boys Junior B soccer for a 2:30 kickoff.  Families from both schools were in attendance for the weekend and, with a clear sky and the sun shining, the day was a lovely one for a game.

After a scoreless first ten minutes, Tysean Price ’22 broke away and scored a goal, putting Deerfield in the lead after thirteen and a half minutes of play.  With eight and a half minutes remaining in the first half, Matt Fierro ’22 scored, securing Deerfield’s lead at halftime.

In the second half, DA held off Eaglebrook for the first fifteen minutes, allowing Eaglebrook to score with fifteen and a half minutes remaining.  DA held off Eaglebrook for the rest of the second half, winning the game 2-1.  DA Boys Junior B soccer remains undefeated.