Field Hockey: Reserve loses to Hampshire Regional

Event Details

Deerfield Reserve took to the field today for a rematch against. Hampshire Regional School. Because our numbers were especially low due to injuries, Hampshire was kind enough to lend us a few players to field a full squad. The Hampshire players who suited up with us gave it their all and put forth a tremendous effort.  Right from the opening whistle, Hampshire was on the attack. Within the first few minutes, Hampshire found the back of the net 3 times. One player kept getting free and took the Deerfield defense by surprise. After a time-out, The Big Green finally felt ready to play their best game.  The early goals were all scored by one dominant player, and after a few defensive adjustments during the time out, Deerfield held Hampshire scoreless for the rest of the game. Tri-Captain Mary Blake Zeron ’21 marked Hampshire’s best goal scorer out of the game after her initial flurry of goals. Deerfield had its chances on attack, but couldn’t find the back of the net and recover from those early goals.  Tri-Captains Kate and Lauren Stenger ’21 worked really well together in the midfield to move the ball up field to generate offensive opportunities.  Lauren Mitchell ’22 worked hard on offense and created a few breakaways toward goal.  Defenders Tioba Akinjaiyeju ’22 and Samantha Pehl ’23 along with goalkeeper Ashley LaBrucherie ’23 dug deep and helped to keep Hampshire scoreless in the 2nd half. The team and its coaches felt good about how hard they worked in the game. A great lesson was learned about being ready to compete right from the opening whistle. The Big Green don’t have another game until October 30th when they travel down the street for a rematch against Bement.