Field Hockey: Junior Varsity loses to St. Paul’s

Event Details

After a long bus ride on a glorious fall afternoon, Deerfield’s JV field hockey team marched to the field with determination and focus, eager to take on the worthy opponents, St. Paul’s.  With several players missing, the team knew they would need to keep digging deep in order to play their best.  The first half was very exciting!  The defense led by sweeper Lily Faucett ’20, worked together seamlessly, stopping the ball with skill and executing strong drives on free hits.  Midfielders Lizzie Eudy ’22, Ellie Shilling ’21 and Kaitlyn Kelly ’22 were a force to be reckoned with as they found their way to every free ball, switching positions and fields, passing it through to eagerly awaiting wings Ally Kell ’20 and Olivia Waterfall ’23.  Although play was relatively even, DA went on the attack towards the end of the half and drew several corners in the last 8 minutes of the game.  Even with strong shots and rebounds from center back Emma Jaskolski ’20 and center forward Whitney Spader ’21, St. Paul’s defense and goalie protected the goal well, keeping the game scoreless at the end of the half.

During the second half, play continued to be relatively even.  Defender Kate Kelly ’22 came out of nowhere on several occasions to snag the ball from the oncoming St. Paul’s attack, carrying it wide and up the sideline to the forwards.  St. Paul’s found their way into our circle more often than in the first half, nonetheless, and drew two corners, one of which led to their first score of the game.  Four minutes later they scored another goal, temporarily discouraging our team.  After a time out, Deerfield continued to rally through the crowding of the ball by the St. Paul’s team.  They honed their strategies, executed quick and effective passing from midfielders to the forward line, Kaitlyn, Olivia and Whitney, and finished the game by putting significant pressure on the goalie in the circle, well supported by the midfield and defense alike.  Unable to get the ball passed St. Paul’s formidable defense and goalie, the game ended in a loss 0-2.