Squash, Girls: Varsity loses to Choate Tournament

Event Details

Beginning 2019 with a road trip to Wallingford, the DA Varsity Squash team faced a talented, top-heavy Choate squad.  #6 Sarah Stonestreet #7 Willow Woodward, #8 Emily Henderson, #9 Sasha Hinckley, #10 Soo-Min Lee and #11 Katie Parker all soundly defeated their Boar opponents 3-0.  #5 Griffin Dewey also vanquished her Boar 3-1.  #4, Harbour Woodward struggled to find her groove and lost 0-3.  After losing the first game, #3 Devon L’Esperance rallied to win the next two.  She fought hard, but ended up losing in five games.  #2 Isabella Rolfe got off to a strong start, but then lost her mojo and her match.  #1 Ashley Manning played superbly against one of the best U19 players in the country, but still fell short of the win.  After the 3-4 loss, the first loss of the season, the DA squad plans to train even harder to prepare for their next match against the Boars in February.