Squash, Girls: Varsity defeats St. Paul’s

Event Details

Back on the road to St. Paul’s School, the DA Varsity Girls grounded the Big Red Pelicans with a 7-0 win.  The evens led off with two frosh, #4 Devon L’Esperance and #6 Willow Woodward, soundly defeating their opponents 3-0.  While #2 Isabella Rolfe and #8 Soo-Min Lee both faltered in their third games, they also finished the day with 3-1 wins.  The odds followed with #7 Sarah Stonestreet, #5 Griffin Dewey and #1 Ashley Manning blanketing their competition 3-0.  #3 Harbour Woodward took a little longer to find her stride, but after dropping the first game, she prevailed in the next three.  All in all, a stellar day for the Big Green Squash Team.