Basketball, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Taft

Event Details

Deerfield takes a definitive W against Taft on Wednesday afternoon on our home court. Our team played a strong defensive game, holding Taft to just two baskets during the first half. A varied yet targeted offensive effort earned us 29 points in the first half. Samara C. played a physical game in the paint, boxing out to secure as many rebounds as she could while earning two baskets. Alexia B. scored with both a jump shot and a layup and used her speed to apply constant defensive pressure on the Taft guards. It was a team effort! Seven different players forced steals (Alexia B., Samara C., Jada H., Vera M., Annie K., Kiki B., Sami D.) and pushed the ball up the court in transition for quick buckets. Vera M. was all over the court. She dropped both her foul shots, stole the ball to get down the court for a nice layup, and made another basket off her own rebound. Taft played a modified zone against us but our offense stayed focused and calm and moved the ball around to get open shots. Kiki B. led all scorers with a season high 13 points. E. Gobbin was the leading scorer for Taft, with 7 points. Annie K. made us proud with a left-handed crossover and a slick layup. Sami D.  put forth a strong front on defense and scored 4 points. Whitney V. was the second leading scorer with 6 points. Ruby C., Juliette L. and Kate A. also contributed on the offensive end, leading us to victory with a final score of 46 to 15. ​