Soccer, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Pomfret School

Event Details

In their first home match up on a beautiful sunny day against Pomfret, the DA JV squad was off to a strong start. From the very first whistle they dominated their home field and took advantage of their knowledge of the pitch. DA peppered the goalie with shots, with 30 total for the home team and an astounding shut out for our goalkeepers. Deerfield defense stumped the Pomfret offense, and there were some great recovery plays by Kristine Yang (’21) and Kate Hickey (’20).

Offensively, the team worked hard to implement practice strategies of moving the ball up the field from the outside, changing fields, and getting shots off quickly. Ellia Chiang (’21), Kiki Brainard (’22) and Kikka Guidici (’20) made some beautiful shots on net that were close misses. Despite Pomfrets four injuries throughout the game and shortened bench, they pushed onward and battled hard for some shots in the second half, but Whitney Vogt (’20) and Maddy Sofer (’21) were able to keep the ball pushing toward the offensive end. Goals were scored by Madeline Carey x3 (’20), Kikka Guidici x2, Morgan Moriarty x2 (’22), and Whitney Vogt x2.