Soccer, Boys: Varsity defeats Suffield

Event Details

In their third regular-season game, Boys Varsity Soccer came out roaring against Suffield, scoring two goals in the first 7 minutes of the game.  In the third minute, co-captain Zach Davis ’20 began a movement that he would complete when he challenged strongly and won possession in a 50-50 in the middle third of the field.  Playing wide and forward to Young Gun Lee ’19, who crossed to Billy Curtis ’21, Davis continued his run toward goal and arrived in time to slot home a ball played back across the box by Curtis: 1-0!  Four minutes later, Young Gun Lee was brought down in the box after beating his mark and powering toward the goal.  Skye Bacon stepped forward and converted the PK, thereby notching his fifth goal of the season in only three games.  Much of the rest of the game was characterized by back-and-forth play which saw both teams come close but fail to score.  Then, with 15 minutes left, Young Gun Lee pick pocketed a Suffield centerback and coolly slipped home his second goal of the season.  In the dying minutes of the game Suffield managed to put one behind goalkeeper Luis Rodriguez ’19, but Deerfield remained in control of the match and all field players made a solid contribution to the team’s second victory of the season.  In the coming week, Brunswick and Taft will pose a greater challenge to a talented and hard-working DA team.  GO BIG GREEN!