Soccer, Boys: Junior B defeats Eaglebrook

Event Details

On Wednesday, September 26th, Boys’ Junior B went up the hill to Eaglebrook. For their first game, the DA boys faced a well-trained and more experienced Eaglebrook JV2 (it was their third game). Despite a very soggy field, fierce wind, and some early setbacks, DA rallied to a 3-2 victory. Eaglebrook dominated the first half, keeping the ball forward and significantly challenging the DA defense. Will Stultz ’22 and Billy Kitchel ’22 held of several well-organized Eaglebrook plays; Jack Chorske ’22 heroically kept the goal, repelling no fewer than six shots on target. George Fauver ’22 made a fantastic full-field run in the 29th minute, but Eaglebrook’s defense proved too strong. Despite DA’s efforts, Eaglebrook was up 2-0 at the half. Back on the field, the DA boys found their energy and purpose, putting shots on goal in the second and fourth minutes. The second-half forward line, led by Hugo Nutting ’22 and Matthew Fierro ’22 kept the ball against Eaglebrook’s goal and repeatedly outran their defense. Hugo scored in the 7th minute and again in the 23rd. Now tied, the game was intense—a true nail-biter. Both teams’ players were cheering with all they had when Matt Fierro scored a third goal with just 5 minutes remaining. Able to keep the ball till the end, DA Junior B won the day.