Field Hockey: Varsity defeats Exeter

Event Details

It was a perfect day for field hockey on Saturday in Exeter, NH.   While perhaps a bit flat during the first half, Deerfield created many great scoring opportunities during the second half and was able to tally four goals before the final whistle blew. Sharon Kereke ’19 collected a beautiful pass from Meredith Heaney ’19 to score the only Deerfield goal of the first half.  Exeter found the back of our net several minutes later to tie the game before the teams broke for half-time talks.  Shortly into the second half, Maggie Roche ’19 tipped a cross from Mimi Pastor ’19 and put the team in green ahead for the second time in the game.  Momentum seemed to shift at this critical point, and Meredith Heaney ’19 was able to connect with Maddie Zavalick ’22 to score on a well-played offensive corner.  The final goal of the game by Pastor secured the win for Deerfield.  Liv Mikesill ’20 made some athletic saves for Deerfield in the goal.  Next, Deerfield plays NMH at home on Wednesday.