Tennis, Girls: Junior Varsity loses to NMH

Event Details

Deerfield suffered a tight loss to NMH on Wednesday. Victorious at #2 singles, #4 singles, and #2 doubles were Whitney Vogt, Julia Ferrante, Ally Kell, and Anne Brown, respectively. Vogt ground out a tough 8-5 pro-set for the win, while Ferrante wiped out her opponent in a 8-3 victory. Kell and Brown, for their part, held onto an early advantage to get the 8-5 win. While Kendal Duff at #1 singles, Sasha Hinckely at #3 singles, Annabel Gerber and Acy Can at #1 doubles, and Liz Tarasi and Cameron Heard at #3 doubles ended up losing, they did their best in the blistering heat to hold onto their matches and put together some solid games. In exhibition, Julia Bewkes and Anne Fiorini gave NMH a good matchup in Canadian doubles, coming out victorious, 8-6. The team looks forward to what should be a good tight contest with Loomis on Saturday.