Rowing, Girls: Varsity defeats Gunnery, Choate, Taft

Event Details

It was a great Saturday of racing for the girls’ rowing team. Five boats made the long journey back to Lake Waramaug in unrelenting cold rain and a crosswind that lead to choppy water. Despite the conditions, all boats put in their best efforts—and the results reflected that. G1, G2, and G3 prevailed in their races against Choate, Gunnery, and Porter’s by impressive margins. G3 defeated Choate, a crew that was seeded in third, five spots above DA’s own 3rd boat for New Englands. Quite the impressive feat!  G4 is still building its speed and ultimately fell to Choate, despite putting in a great race and overcoming the elements to do so. G5, in the boat’s last race of the season, faced strong competition from an experienced Choate crew, and although the Big Green did not come out on top, the crew had to fight off some fear and ultimately had fun and discovered much about themselves––this race was also the first of the season for two members of the G5 boat, who called the race “an adventure.” The Beebe Cup regatta hosted by Gunnery put the team on top and marked the last of the regular season for DA rowing.  This coming Friday afternoon, the weekend of graduation, all four varsity boats will travel to Lake Quinsigamond for the long-awaited New England Interscholastic Championships (NEIRAs) on Saturday, May 26th. (Anna Scott ‘18 reporting)

Boat Results:

1V4+: 1st

2V4+: 1st

3V4+: 1st

4V4+: 2nd

5V4+: 2nd

Race Results