Rowing, Girls: Varsity defeats Pomfret Quad

Event Details

Five Deerfield girls’ boats traveled to Quasset Lake, CT to race Pomfret, Groton, Taft and Southfield in sunshine and 11-14 mph tailwinds.  As with any race day in the “early” season, boaters and their coaches relish all races and results for their learning potential. While the day put Deerfield on top with both the G1 and G4 pulling in wins over the field in a battle to the finish with Taft and Groton, Deerfield’s G2 and G3 locked in third behind Groton and Taft and second behind Groton respectively in their own impressive races to the finish, vastly improving on last week’s performances in all ways. The G5’s inaugural race saw the crew in front of the field from the start to the 700-meter mark until a boat-stopping crab set it back.  Recovering masterfully, the crew nearly gained back its lead spot on the field until a second crab made it impossible for the crew to get back into the race.  While crossing the finish line in third place behind Taft and Groton certainly felt disappointing for this primarily novice crew, their double recovery and never-give-in attitude rippled through the team as inspiration. With plenty of hours ahead on the Connecticut River this week in preparation for the Founder’s Day Regatta at Lake Waramaug this Sunday, all crews are stronger than ever, ready to give their all for their teammates and the Big Green.

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