Squash, Boys: Thirds loses to Andover

Event Details

Boys squash enjoyed a full morning of completion, welcoming Choate and Andover to town for our annual tri-match. We were pleased to have Sam back, and eager to face some top-flight competition. We took care of business at every position against a shorthanded Choate squad, but found significant difficulty against Andover, managing only a single win. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly Adrian’s five-game win against PA, where he reeled off seven points in a row after going down 9-4 in the fifth. Other highlights included Charlie’s continued hot streak and Oscar’s ubiquitous grin.

We close out our season with a pair of home matches, starting with Bement on Wednesday.

Deerfield 7, Choate 0

Sam Bronckers won in 3

Adrian Yao won in 3

Ryan Welch won in 4

Alex Smith won in 3

Elliot Flagg won in 3

Ethan Chen won in 4

Charlie Sinnott won in 3

Oscar Depp won in 3


Andover 5, Deerfield 2

Sam Bronckers lost in 5

Adrian Yao won in 5

Ryan Welch lost in 4

Alex Smith lost in 3

Elliot Flagg lost in 4

Johnny Glinton lost in 5

Charlie Sinnott won by default


Thirds Squash Tri-Meet Schedule:

10:00am – Deerfield vs. Choate

11:00am – Choate vs. Andover

12:00pm – Deerfield vs. Andover