Hockey, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Westminster

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Since our first game, when an unpolished and unsynchronized team skated onto the Eaglebrook ice, we have been looking to revenge our only loss of the season.  At the International Skating Center in Simsbury, on an unusual 70 degree day in February, we did just that.  Deerfield’s JV hockey team dominated Westie in a game that looked nothing like the first match up.  Most of the game was played in front of their goal and multiple shots were taken against an incredibly talented Westie goalie.  Late into the first period, Katie Whalen was able to put one in the back of the net, and then the ever skillful, Juliet Perry, followed with two more goals before the period came to a close.  There would be not letting up since we knew what Westie was capable of, and they did give us more of a game in the second period.  Another goal by Katie Whalen gave us a comfortable 4-0 lead, but Westie took advantage of our goalie with and caught us off guard to put an incredible shot into our goal.  Tensions remained high as we knew anything could happen in the third, but in true Deerfield spirit, we finished up strong, working together on some great defense and offensive pressure.  A rocket of a hot my Lily Faucett but us as 5-1 and one more from Katie Whalen to give her the heat trick and us the solid 6-1 finish.  Just awesome!