Squash, Girls: Varsity defeats Groton

Event Details

For their last match of 2018, the DA Varsity Squash Team hosted the Groton Zebras.  In the first round of play, the green team took every game from the black and white zebras, as #2 Isabella Rolfe, #4 Devon L’Esperance, #6 Willow Woodward, #8 Emily Henderson and #10 Katie Parker came away with easy 3-0 wins.  DA also dominated the second round, with #1 Ashley Manning,  #3 Harbour Woodward, #5 Griffin Dewey, #7 Sasha Hinckley, and #9 Soo-Min Lee also soundly defeating their opponents.  The satisfying 7-0 win allowed the team to finish the 2018 part of the season with an undefeated record.