Hockey, Girls: Junior Varsity loses to Westminster

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The girls JV puck squad had a tough loss this past Wednesday.  However, despite the score, Hunter Keller had some phenomenal saves that kept it a close game. The hardwork of the defensemen: Maggie Roche, Juliet Perry, Maddy Zavalick, and Alexa Luther kept the puck out of the defensive zone for a lot of the game, but Westminster was able to capitalize on their opportunities.  Juliet Perry was able to score Deerfield’s only goal of the day with the assistance from the powerful forward line of Maddie Boger, Kami Meier, and Alissa Zhang.  Bailey Cheetham and Meredith Heaney gave the Westy defense a hard time throughout the game, always keeping them on their toes with their dangles.  Despite the team’s hard work, the outcome was not in our favor, and we look forward to seeing them again later in the season!