Basketball, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats St. Paul’s

Event Details

Deerfield took home a win at their first game 42-14 at St. Paul’s School. Samara started things off right, making a quick basket off of a rebound, and she continued to play a strong offensive game, scoring one more time, and working well with her teammates. Co-captain Alexia came on the court for warm up at full speed and never backed down, moving the ball quickly and generously along with co-captain Nicole. Alexia contributed 2 baskets in the first half and 1 more in the second. Vera and Whitney also dropped 3 baskets each. Molly, Michelle, and Kiki each scored a basket. Katie H. made a free throw, which was one of very few our team took. Despite accidentally racking up a lot of fouls while playing a fast game with a lot of steals and interceptions, the team kept positive and focused. Ruby was top scorer this game with 2 baskets in the first half and 3 in the second, helping to pull us up steadily from a 20-9 lead at the half. Co-captain Jada stole the ball in the final few minutes, broke away, and scored a 3-pointer. Playing hard until the very end, Ruby made a layup right as the buzzer went off for an even flashier finish.