Soccer, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Choate

Event Details

The Doors were ready to go on a sunny, but brisk, fall morning. Decked out in green from their jerseys to hair ribbons, the girls came out fighting, led by our senior captains Emily Stonestreet, Liz Tarazi and Bella Geraci. The first half was incredibly even, with low shots from both teams, and the ball centralized in the midfield. Our team’s energy far surpassed the Boars on the bench, and Deerfield chants could be heard loud and clear.

In the second half, the team banned together, focusing less on perfect plays, and rather on moving the ball quickly and effectively. No one player can be singled out, as everyone had by far their best game of the year in our last game of the season. Kikka Giudici (’20) notably scored a perfectly placed shot, to put the Doors up 1-0 midway through the second half. From there, Deerfield hung on to the win, despite a renewed effort from Choate. When the final whistle sounded, the Doors rushed the field, happy to have won on Choate Day, and finish the season on a successful note.