Soccer, Boys: Junior Varsity loses to Choate

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Choate Day—what an awesome environment to play the last game in.  Students from both Choate and Deerfield gathered behind the benches with megaphones, pom poms, and a lot of spirit.  That energy was matched by Freddy Boulton all game, as he flew around—winning balls all over the field.  Choate scored first off a counter attack, going up 1-0.  In the second half, Choate put in two more goals, extending their lead to 3-0.  However, Deerfield was relentless and senior Noah Jung put in his first of two goals.

The team played exceptionally hard today.  All season we have encouraged players to focus on the two things they can control, which are their attitude and effort.  Our game against Choate brought out the best of those things.  Everyone put forth their best effort and brought a positive attitude.  Although it is not the result we would have liked, it was one of the best games we have played all season.  We moved the ball extremely well through the middle of the field, which in turn led to many scoring chances.​