Volleyball: Varsity loses to Amherst

Event Details

On Wednesday, Deerfield varsity volleyball hosted a non-league match against Amherst Regional High School, ultimately falling 1-3.

With a commitment to intelligent play and a desire to fight for every point, Deerfield played strong volleyball throughout the match where each set was decided by five points or less.

In the first set, Aoife Bruce ‘22 showed her smart, strong right side hitting and impressive serves; Soo-Min Lee ‘19 displayed composed, solid passing and defense; Kaelene Spang ‘19 and Lara Akande ‘20 showed their presence in the middle of the net, both with hitting and with blocking; Nat Jimenez ‘20 made sure to cover every ball; Rosa Sun ‘21 handled setting responsibilities with her usual confidence and experience; and Georgia Quesnelle ‘19 and Izzy McDonald ‘20 took care of both back-row and front-row hitting from the outside with their strong spikes and intelligent ball placement.

In the second set, Natsumi Shindo ‘20 and Abby Bracken ‘19 added their setting and right-side hitting talents, respectively. Michelle Zimmerman ‘21 provided a commanding presence in the middle of the net, blocking multiple balls from the Amherst hitters. And Camila Navarro ‘20 brought her strong serve and excellent hitting to the outside position.

The third set allowed Tory Hansen ‘21 to showcase her talents in the outside hitter position where she displayed growing confidence and a strong ability to place the ball with her hits. Evan Burkert ‘21 got to show off her wily middle hitting and well-placed serves, while Alexia Baker ‘19 displayed her vertical leap and presence at the outside of the net.

It was a great day to watch everyone rise to the occasion and play strong volleyball together as a team.

Deerfield travels on Sunday for a match against Andover; game time is 1:30 pm.