Field Hockey: Reserve defeats Bement

Event Details

The Big Green came out strong in their rematch with a much improved Bement team. The pace of the game and scoring opportunities showed just how much both teams had improved since their first meeting weeks before.  In the last match up, Bement struggled to generate shots on goal. Not this time. DA’s defense and goalkeeper were kept quite busy.  Bement kept moving the ball up field and swiftly sending passes in front of the goal. Even though there were many tense moments when it seemed Bement might score, either Gabriela Hu ’21 came up with a great save or the defense got the ball out of the danger zone.

Play was intense from at both ends of the field, yet the score remained 0-0 at the half. The second half saw more scoring opportunities from both teams, but key defensive plays kept the game scoreless until 14:52 into the half.  Deerfield did a beautiful job working the ball up the right side of the field and then crossing it into the middle of the scoring circle. As the play developed, Lisa Ito-Bagshaw ’21 made a beautiful reception on the right side of the goal cage and thee passed to the left side of the goal cage where Fourth Sukprawit ’19 had made her run as left wing to the weak-side post. Fourth made a textbook reception and shot into the corner before the goal keeper could recover. It was Fourth’s first goal of the season as well as the lone goal for the Big Green win!