Field Hockey: Junior Varsity loses to Taft School

Event Details

After cheering on Varsity with all their hearts in a nail-biting 2-2 tie, DA’s JV squad took to the field full of enthusiasm and energy.  Taft came out equally invigorated and began to put pressure on our defense right away, stepping up to the ball and executing big passes that were both quick and skillful.  Our defenders worked hard to adjust to their strategies, but struggled with their normally spot-on communication.  Captain Goalie Lucy Blake ’19 held her ground with save after save, but Taft was able to sneak one in the net a little more than half-way through the first half.  They came back on the attack and scored a second quick goal, taking a bit of the wind out of the sails of DA.  The girls regrouped and executed some of our key plays as Captain Jada Howard ’19 dribbled on the diagonal passing flat to midfielder Captain Dom Whitney ’19 who got the ball up to forward Renee Ballou ’20.  Despite numerous attacks into the circle, DA struggled to score as Taft seemed to continue to be in just the right place to take the ball away from us.  They scored one more before half-time, but DA took them on in the second half as if the first half had not even happened.  They stepped up their communication and threatened Taft’s defense on numerous occasions, with huge drives from Ellie Shilling ‘21, up the right side of the field to forward Whitney Spader ’22 who dribbled up the side line, passed back to Dom who sent the ball into the circle.  The team had several shots on goal, but Taft’s defense and goalie were impenetrable.  Taft scored one more in the second half with 9 minutes left in the game, but DA never gave up.  They fought hard to the bitter end with Lucy saving many more shots in the second half, supported by her sweeper Lily Faucett ’21 who kept her spirit and focus up throughout the game.  It was a tough afternoon for DA’s JV hockey team, but a well-played first loss of the season.  The girls walked away with their heads held high, knowing that they had left it all out on the field.